DC Comics has released a 5-Page Preview and Covers of Supergirl #31 comic, that will be on sale on June 12 as a print and digital issue.

The House of El is united in this SUPERMAN/SUPERGIRL crossover!

The Official Synopsis of Supergirl #31 comic:


The Superman Family must unite to banish Rogol Zaar once and for all! But little do Supergirl, Superman, Superboy and Jor-El know, Rogol Zaar has brought some friends of his own…from the Phantom Zone! Supergirl not only has to make sure that Rogol Zaar doesn’t unite with his ax at all costs, but also has to deal with how the 10-year-old Superboy is now her age! This is the start of an intergalactic war you don’t want to miss!

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Print EditionVariant Edition

The comic is written by Marc Andreyko, Art by Kevin Maguire & Sean Parsons , Cover by Yanick Paquette. Variant Cover by Amanda Conner.

Street Date: June 12, 2019
Pages: 32
Price: $3.99

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