Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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DC Comics Announces DC Connect #3

The third issue of DC Connect, your guide to what’s coming from DC each month, is now available, to be shared with friends and fans!

DC Connect #3 is a downloadable, easily shared catalog that features information for DC’s comics, original graphic novels, collected editions, and collectibles—and that’s just the start!


In this issue of DC’s digital catalog features comics coming to your shelves in October 2020, starting with the blockbuster Batman #100 — the finale to “The Joker War”! With stories by James Tynion IV, art and a wraparound cover by Jorge Jimenez, and backup stories drawn by Guillem March and Carlo Pagulayan, this extra-sized issue not only delivers the face-off you’ve been waiting for but also sets the stage for what’s to come in Gotham City!

Also in this DC Connect, the fallout from “The Joker War” sends shockwaves in the pages of Detective Comics, Batgirl, Catwoman, and Nightwing!

This month we also solicit Rorschach #1, by the team of writer Tom King and artist Jorge Fornés; Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn #1, written by Katana Collins and Sean Murphy with art by Matteo Scalera and covers by Murphy; American Vampire 1976 #1, beginning the final tale of Skinner Sweet, by writer Scott Snyder and artist Rafael Albuquerque.

All this, plus Dark Nights: Death Metal #4 and two new Dark Nights: Death Metal one-shots: Rise of the New God #1 and Robin King #1, the hardcover collections of Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, Hill House Comics’ Plunge and Daphne Byrne, and much more!

For previous issues of DC Connect, just click here.

Feel free to use the checklist to connect with your local comic shop—let them know what you’re looking forward to picking up!


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