Saturday, September 25, 2021
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DC Comics Announces DC Connect #10

DC Connect #10

The Tenth issue of DC Connect, your guide to what’s coming from DC each month, is now available, to be shared with friends and fans!

DC Connect #10 is a downloadable, easily shared catalog that features information for DC’s comics, original graphic novels, collected editions, and collectibles—and that’s just the start!



In this issue of DC’s digital catalog features comics coming to your shelves in May 2021!

Two heroes join the ranks of Infinite Frontier titles as both Shilo Norman and Yara Flor kick of their own new adventures in Mister Miracle: The Source of Freedom and Wonder Girl!

And the heroes of Gotham City carry on the legacy of DC Future State in the new series Future State: Gotham, while the classic anthology series returns in Legends of the Dark Knight #1, and the heroes of Dakota are back in Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #0!

Plus, new villains abound with the debuts of Miracle Molly in Batman #108, Heartless in Nightwing #80, and Flatline in Robin #2!

For previous issues of DC Connect, just click here.

Feel free to use the checklist to connect with your local comic shop—let them know what you’re looking forward to picking up!


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