Monday, June 27, 2022
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DC Comics released Page Preview and Covers of Task Force Z #1 comic

DC Comics has released a 5-Page Preview and Covers of Task Force Z #1 comic, that will be on sale on October 26, 2021 as a print and digital issue.

The Official Synopsis of Task Force Z #1 comic:


In life, they’ve terrorized the people of Gotham. Now, they are Gotham’s last hope. Task Force X saw villains working their way to freedom. Task Force Z will see dead villains working for a new chance at life! On A-DAY, the attack on Arkham Asylum left hundreds of Gotham’s most cunning and deranged criminals dead…now, a mysterious benefactor has activated the government’s TASK FORCE clause to bring them back as the ultimate army of the night! To lead this team of the undead, only a person who knows exactly what it feels like to be brutally murdered and brought back to life can handle the job…enter: RED HOOD. But when Jason Todd unravels the mystery surrounding Task Force Z’s creation, will he try to destroy it…or embrace it? BANE. MAN-BAT. THE ARKHAM KNIGHT. SUNDOWNER. MR. BLOOM. RED HOOD. THEY ARE TASK FORCE Z, AND DEATH WAS JUST THE BEGINNING…!

Page PreviewClick the image to enlarge.

Page 1 Page 2
Page 3 Page 4
Page 5


CoversClick the image to enlarge.

Standard Cover Variant Cover

Written by Matthew Rosenberg
Art by Eddy Barrows
Cover by Eddy Barrows
Card Stock Variant Cover by Tyler Kirkham

Street Date: October 26, 2021 (DC Tuesday!)
Pages: 32
Price: $3.99 (Standard) | $4.99 (Card Stock Variant Cover)
Rated: Teen+

Product ID:
76194137413000111 (Standard)
76194137413000121 (Card Stock Variant Cover)


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